Leo Hickman - Founder

Hi I’m, Leo Hickman founder of Classy Hippie Tea Company.  I am a professional tea sommelier, a biomedical engineer, a post 9/11 soldier and a world traveler.  I created the Classy Hippie Tea Company out of experience.  From my travels, I have had the opportunity to explore gourmet loose leaf tea from around the world and now I want to bring it to you.

Classy Hippie Tea started as a small gathering after yoga class in my living room.   In 2012 we made the decision to begin selling organic tea retail in Sacramento, California market. When we made the decision to begin selling organic tea retail, we were faced with competition from more-established tea companies. We felt that our best chance to compete was to focus on selling a higher quality of tea at good prices. Saying that you sell quality herbs sounds rather status quo, as most companies say they sell quality – we knew better.  I hit the road with my sample bag, I would demonstrate to the restaurant buyers that our quality really was better. Most stores I visited “got it.” They knew that their business would prosper if they carried teas that were fresh, potent, and worked for the purpose intended.

We believe in offering the best value to our customers for their tea purchases and, because we directly source our products from around the world and process them in-house, we can deliver on that belief.


-Leo Hickman

Mike Shaldone - Partner

I began working and learning from Leo in 2016 and joined Classy Hippie with a business background and the desire to bring healing to communities through T.E.A. (Travel, Events and Activism). Originally, driven by corporate success, I was an engineer and financial planner; seeking the trappings of salary, titles and materialism.

Having a change of heart and experiencing the damage of attachments on the mind and body, I have shifted my sights towards the healing arts. My journey inward pursues constant growth and exploration at deeper and deeper levels; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Finding center and connection through tea and community is essential to the journey.

I am passionate to be the catalyst to help others change their lives. Our bodies are not designed to self-destruct. Given the needed tools, we will naturally heal ourselves. In our daily life, we may have created habits causing disease and stress to move our energy in the wrong direction. Simple techniques can remedy and get us back on track. We teach this through taking your “MEDS” (Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep). Join us on the journey towards improved health!

Ken Henderson - Partner

Ken Henderson is the newest partner and CEO and Founder of Sublime Digital Marketing Group, Inc.

They provide clients with effective digital marketing campaigns, that produce amazing return on investment.

This includes everything from website design, search engine optimization, video campaigns, paid and organic social media, email, text messaging marketing and online reputation management.

Ken has spent 15 years as an entrepreneur as operations manager and chief executive officer in a variety of industries, including real estate, consumer products, I.T., and digital marketing.

Ken is an avid tea connoisseur and loves the creations Leo comes up with at Classy Hippie Tea.